Thursday, April 30, 2009

Far-right Obnoxious X-tremists?

Or: Frothing-at -the -mouth Obama-hating Xenophobes?
Fascist Old-school bigots eXposing their ignorance?
I think you get the idea. Send me your own variation on the Fox "News" logo.

Best entry will win . . . something!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"The Other White Meat" Flu?

Speaking of comedy, does it get any better than trying to find a PC name for swine flu? Apparently, it's okay to bomb and torture Muslims but we wouldn't want to offend them with a word. And isn't Mexican flu insulting to Mexicans--don't they count? Good thing the outbreak didn't occur in Israel--I don't think they'd care for "Jew flu."

You've got to wonder what chance there is for world peace when we can't even agree on a name for a disease that's threatening all humanity.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Actually, Of Fox's 2 Best Comedies I Prefer "The Simpsons"

But here's a serious question for Rupert Murdoch and his crew of smug, right-wing stooges:
If Fox News is really a news service as it claims, why the need to be "fair and balanced"? Factual information doesn't have to be qualified--it's simply what it is. Real news programs make no claims of fairness--they just report the news.

. . . I think I see a new contest coming!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fair and Balanced

Just watched a little Fox News. I highly recommend it. Since Obama's election, this has become the funniest show on TV--an endless parade of clowns tripping over themselves in desperate attempts to vilify the president's every move.

Today we were treated to the views of that great financial expert, Hank Williams Jr. The millionaire entertainer raved in a folksy drawl for half an hour about how Obama's economic policies were screwing "us rednecks."
Here's a couple questions for you, Bocephus:
1.) How is giving a tax cut to every true redneck in the country (I assume that most folks referring to themselves as "rednecks" earn less than $250,00.00 a year) screwing them?
2.) If Obama cured cancer tomorrow, would he be just some black guy that cured cancer?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Be Strong, Barack

Although I support most of Obama's policies, his decision to send more troops to Afghanistan worries me. I hope that his fear of being seen as "weak on defense" will not cause him to make a catastrophic mistake. Trading an unwinnable war in Iraq for one in Afghanistan makes no sense.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Good Old Days

Speaking of the "good old days." You know when the good old days were? Just look at a calendar--they're today! Always.
Despite the efforts of the world's backward thinking people (Taliban, hate-filled Christian Evangelists, Palin's choice from the right-wing lunatic fringe for her new attorney general), we move on. Slowly, but we move on. Reactionaries can temporarily sabotage human progress but they can't stop it.
Republican presidential hopeful (shudder!), Newt Gingrich,has chosen the 1940's as his model for the good old days. Yeah, Newt, those were some fine times--as long as you ignore a few little issues, like: The country that gave us Mozart and Einstein was shoveling babies into ovens, a black man in this nation, including those defending it, couldn't walk into a restaurant, and we were turning Japanese cities into radioactive craters.
Here is an example of a man so dedicated to backward thinking that he can look at the decade of the 1940's and OVERLOOK THE SECOND WORLD WAR!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Brain Waves

Scientists have recently discovered a difference in the brain-wave patterns between liberals and conservatives. This hardly surprises me. It's always seemed to me that we are hard-wired to be one way or the other and I've seldom seen anyone switch sides. Check out the comments on this blog!
Personally, I can no more support the conservative side of an issue than flap my arms and try to fly. Likewise for conservatives, I'm sure.

I'll simply never understand how people think that there is anything to be gained by going backwards. Look at these decisions: Should we remain an English colony or become our own democratic country? Should we retain slavery? Should women be given the vote? On all these issues the liberals were on the right side of history but conservative "values" had to be overcome before we could move on.
Some day people will look back at gay marriage, for instance, the way we now look back at slavery. It's inevitable--chiseled in stone.
Yet, because of the reactionaries amongst us, it's always 2 steps forward and 3 back. Just think where we could be today if we weren't always fighting those who long for the "good old days."

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Well, it's Easter again, and I will spend the day meditating and reading the Bible (a best-selling novel filled with murder,suicide,torture,war,slavery,misogyny,bestiality,adultery,incest,genocide,homosexuality,and rape that Christians use to instruct their children.)
I will quietly contemplate the great theological mysteries:
How Adam and Eve's male offspring managed to populate the world, why Noah didn't know that the unicorns were gay, the number of pins you can stick in the head of an angel, and how they get that filling inside of a seamless chocolate Easter egg.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sexual Politics

Interesting that the dittoheads like to bring up sex.
It's quite understandable. In many ways, the hateful attitude of these people is The Revenge of the Nerds.
Limbaugh's relentless misogyny betrays an obvious sexual frustration.
Way back when right-wing nemesis, Bill Clinton, was "making love, not war," guys like Limbaugh and O'Reilly were going to Young Republican meetings. They may be the only 2 people to live through the Sexual Revolution without getting laid.
More recently, while Clinton was getting busy with a young intern, O'Reilly was busy getting busted for making obscene phone calls. While Clinton was still sewing his wild oats, the closest O'Reilly could get to sex was wagging his weenie at a telephone.
Is it any wonder these people are so filled with hate?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

One Last Word on Limbaugh:

Listen up, dittoheads.
Obviously, Limbaugh and I are both entertainers preaching to our own particular choirs.
Among our differences, there's this:
Because of my socio-economic status, if I had been busted for drugs as Limbaugh was, I would have been thrown in prison instead of given a wrist-slap.
Is it any wonder that Rush loves our system just the way it is?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

To Those Offended by My Treatment of Limbaugh:

Yes, I can distinguish between entertainment and politics, but millions cannot. These people use Limbaugh's outrageous comments to fuel their harmful prejudices.
Limbaugh's referring to himself as an entertainer allows me to tolerate him more than someone like Bill O'Reilly who disguises his hateful opinions as journalism.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Limbaugh, Ever-Ready With New Pearls of Wisdom--Just Pull His Finger

Why are people shocked by Limbaugh's support of the AIG bonuses? Besides being a racist and sexist, he has always been a blatant elitist. This supposed blue-collar hero is actually a pampered rich-kid who's fond of bragging that he's never owned a pair of jeans.
How can you be shocked by anything coming from the man who described the outcry over Saddam Hussein's gassing of the Kurds as "liberal hate speech"?